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Poems and Chants

All are welcome to submit poetry and chants. (preferably of your own writ)

The Song of Myself

Make the world blind

So they may see me more clearly

For an open-mind

Truly begins from the heart

The mirror of my achievements

Relects my inner beauty

The creations of my mind

Becomes wisdom for my soul

The song of my ancestors

Sing along with my own

We sing of the earth

And rejoice in its splendor

I discovered happiness

In the simple'st of pleasures

As each day my Will grows stronger

And my Song grows louder

--Justice Star--copyright and published 1996


Chant of the Guardians

Golden sea

Wind about

Silver tree

Fire within

Come to thee

--Justice Star--copyright 1999

The following poem, Hecate, will be included in the Goddess Datebook 2002.


Darkened light
in the moonlight's gaze
Casted circle
to mark the phase
Flames of power
Winds of storm
Calls for her
the Goddess is born
Fertility of the Earth
Waters of the Seas
Shouts her name
Hecate, Hecate, Hecate!
-Justice Star-copyrighted 2000

To Know the Goddess

I live within all
born of this Earth
The body is my temple
This is my home, my hearth

I am the tree above
I am the sand below
I am the flower you touch
I am all that you know

I am the sweet honey you taste
I am the jasmine you smell
I am the waters that flow beneath the well

I am all that you know
and all that you see
I am the Goddess
I live within thee

-Justice Star-copyright 2001,2002

Power building Casting Chant

Hand to Hand
the power is passed
Hand to Hand
the circle is casted
{repeat over and over steadily increasing in speed}

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