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Gods and Goddesses

Although everyone has much varied beliefs, you should be open to accept that everyone may be correct.

This is my belief, not to be confused with others. I believe in the energy of the ALL. Which can be broken down further to femine and masculine energy( God and Goddess). I believe that all goddesses are one Goddess, and that all gods are one God. I believe the different names(Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Isis, etc.) are different aspects of the Goddess herself. Just like a woman has many different rolls in life-maiden, lover, seductress, teacher, guide, mother, wise-one, healer, etc., as does the Goddess and God.

Sometimes I pray to the Goddess directly. Sometimes I invoke a particular aspect of the goddess during a ritual to guide and direct me on my path. Your path is up to you to will feel right when you have found it!

Egyptian Gods

  Aken - Keeper of the underworld ferryboat

Aker - God of passage - Guardian of the gate through which the pharoh passes into the underworld

Ammon/Amun - "the Hidden One" - Creator God - Lord of the Sky - God of Wind - depicted as a ram or man with ram's head

Anubis - God of the Dead - Mummification and embalming - dog or man w/ jackal head

Apis - Bull God - Personification of Ptah

Aten - the sun disc

Atum - Primeval Sun God - Creator of the World - Personification of the setting sun

Bes - Dwarf God - God of human pleasures, music and dance - Guarded against evil spirits, misfortune and snakes

Duamutef - One of the Four Sons of Horus - Guardian of the East - Depicted as a mummified man with a jackal's head - Protected the stomach of the deceased

Geb - "earth" - God of the Earth - God of Vegetation - consort/brother of Nut

Hapi (1) - God of the Nile

Hapi (2) - One of the Four Sons of Horus - Guardian of the North - Depicted as a mummified man with a baboon's head - Protected the lungs of the deceased

Horus - "above" - God of the Sky - Son of Isis and Osiris - falcon-headed man with sun and moon as his eyes

Imset - One of the Four Sons of Horus - Depicted as a mummified man - Protected the liver of the deceased

Kebechsenef - One of the Four Sons of Horus - Depicted as a mummified man with a falcon's head - Protected the viscera of the lower body of the deceased

Khepri/Khepera - the Sacred Scarab - Personification of the rising sun

Khnum - God of Fertility of the Nile - Depicted as a ram - Consort of Heket

Khons(u) - Ancient God of the Moon - God of healing

Min - Ancient God of fertility - God of Male Sexuality - Protector of travelers

Osiris - God of the Underworld - Also a God of Fertility, Resurrection and Vegetation - consort/brother of Isis

Ptah - Creator God - God of craftsmen - consort of Sekhmet

Re - "sun" - Creator God - God of the Sun - Personification of the midday sun

Set - God of Chaos - Also God of War, Deserts and Storms - consort/brother of Nephtys

Shu - "dry" - God of the air - Embodiment of the Sky - consort/brother of Tefnut

Sobek - God of crocodiles - Symbolized the power of the pharohs - Brings fertility from the Nile waters - son of Neith

Sons of Horus - Duamutef, Hapi, Imset and Kebechsenef

Thoth - Also called Djeheuty - God of Wisdom, Writing and the Moon - Patron of scribes - Depicted as a man with the head of an Ibis

Wepwawet - "opener of the ways" - Ancient jackal God of War  


Amaunet - "the Hidden One" - Personification of Life - consort to Amun

Amenti [ah-men-tee] - Also called Amentet - Underworld Goddess who welcomed the dead - Personification of the West

Ammut - Devouress of the Dead

Anqet - Also called Anuket - "embracing lady" - Water Goddess

Bast [bahst] - Also called Bastet, and Pasht (dark aspect) - Cat-headed Goddess - Mother of all cats - Protection while traveling - Associated with the Moon, music, pleasure, dance, communication with animals, intuition, healing - One of "the eyes of Ra" - "daughter of Ra"

Buto [boo-yoe] - Also called Ua Zit, Uatchet, Wadjet - Cobra Goddess - Protection, hiding from evil. - name means "the papyrus colored" - Protector of the king - Depicted as a woman or a cobra wearing the crown of Lower Egypt

Hathor - Cow-headed Goddess - Moon and Sky Goddess - Protectress of women - Mirror and sistrum are sacred to her - Associated with joy, love, pleasure, flowers, the Moon, motherhood, beauty, music, dance, artists, astrology, prosperity, the family.

Heket [heh-ket] - Also called Heqet - Frog-headed Goddess of creation, childbirth, fertility, corn, resurrection. - Protector of the Dead - consort of Khnum - also called "eye of Ra"

Isis - Also called Aset - "the throne" - Goddess of Ten Thousand Names - Goddess of fertility and magic - Symbol of divine motherhood - Wife of Osiris

Maat [may-at] - Lady of the Judgement Hall - Her law governed the three worlds, even the Gods had to obey her - Associated with truth, justice, law, order, divine order, reincarnation.

Mut [moot] - Great-Goddess, World Mother, and the Great Sorceress - Depicted as a vulture or wearing a vulture headdress - Three cauldrons were her symbols - Associated with marriage and creation - wife of Amon.

Neith [night] - The Huntress and Opener of the Ways - Name means "I have come from myself" - The Spirit behind the Veil of the Mysteries - Associated with Herbs, medicine, magick, healing, knowledge, rituals, meditation - Also Goddess of War

Nekhbet - Guardian Goddess - Depicted as a vulture wearing the crown of Upper Egypt - Carried a serpent-twined scepter. Associated with motherhood, childbirth, protection - Protector of the King

Nephthys [nef-this] - The Revealer - An Underworld Goddess - Associated with death and dark magick; mystical knowledge and secrets; protection, intuition, dreams - "friend of the dead" - consort/sister of Seth

Nut [noot] - Mother of the Gods - Goddess of the Sky - Associated with reincarnation, weather - Wife of Geb

Rat [rate] - Mother of Maat - Associated with wisdom, knowledge.

Sekhet [seh-ket] - Lady of Flame - Sister of Bast - Associated with strength, might, violence, cultivated lands.

Sekhmet [sek-met] - The Powerful - Goddess of War and Divine Vengeance - Lion-headed Goddess, crowned with a disk and a coiled cobra - called "eye of Ra" - Associated with war and battle, physicians, bone-setters.

Selket [sell-ket] - Also called Selqet - Woman with scorpion on her head, often with extended wings - Protectress of marriage - Goddess of happy marriages and married sexual love.

Seshat - Also called Seshet - Mistress of the House of Books - Female equivalant of Thoth - Associated with writing, archives, measurement, calculation, record-keeping, time, history, books, learning, inventions - sometimes regarded as daughter of Thoth

Ta-Urt [th-oort] - Also called Tauret, Tawaret - Goddess of Good Fortune and Childbirth - Hippopotamus Goddess - Sometimes an avenging deity - Her hieroglyphic sign was "sa", meaning the uterine blood of the Goddess that could give eternal life - Associated with childbirth, maternity, nursing, mothers, revenge, protection - consort of Bes

Tefnut [tef-noot] - Underworld Goddess of Destruction and reincarnation - Associated with moisture, dew, rain, mist, the blood - the personification of moisture  

Please consider that their are many....many...many more Gods and Goddesses than I have listed here and many more cultures as well. This is just a general sample to give you an idea of Egyptian Gods/Goddesses.