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Enchanted Essences & Other Magikal Items

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More to come in the future, sorry this all we have at the present time. If you are looking for something, email me






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Item(must be filled out)
Qty    20 Herb Sampler $15
Qty    50 HERB SAMPLER $30
Qty    80 HERB SAMPLER $40
Qty    Rune set w/pouch $3
Qty    Rune Box set $25
Qty    Gypsy Earrings $5
Qty    Magick Workbook $15
Qty    Wooden Frame Scrying Mirror $5
Qty    Large Fairy Dust Bottles $5
Qty    Quatrz Crystal Point $1.50
Qty    Hand-painted Altar/Tarot Cloths $5
Qty    Goddess Soap $4
Qty    Soap Containing fish, shells, lizards, etc.-please specify $3.50
Qty    Marble and solid color Soaps-please specify $3
Qty    Herbal Soap $3
Qty    Earth,Air,Fire,Water Bath Soap Set $10.00
Qty    Bath Salts 1/2 cup: $2.00
Qty    Bath Salts 1 cup: $3.00
Qty    Bath Salts 2 cups: $5.00
Qty    Bath Salts Pouch $1
  Healing Wand $25
  Wish Box $15
  Renaissance Headdress $20
  Capri Pants set $25
  Wooden Pentacle Tile $5

We will contact you within 3 days to confirm order and shipping preferences. Thank you. Please include scent and color for each item selected:

Special Requests or Comments:



Accepted forms of payment include:

credit cards through paypal, check, and money order. When I receive your order I will send total and further information to complete the transaction. Some browsers have difficulties using this form...if you are having problems feel free to email me your order directly. Thanks!

po box 188
Villas, NJ 08251