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Coven's Recommended Links

WebTv Pagans: links to other Pagan Webtvers

SOOZ's Fantasy Page: gifs to transload

Eclectic Witch Auctions: An all witch auction site

Salem Massachusetts site: If you haven't been to Salem then you're missing out on one of life's lessons. Given you must get over the intial shock of how wide spread witchcraft is there and how commericial it has become...but then you realize that the population of witches and pagans is at least double of what it is in the average town as well as the wide spread acceptance of wearing a pentagram or cloak even. The feeling of being able to wear your jewelry without people trying to save your soul is a great feeling and maybe someday the rest of the world will be like that. Plus where else could you go to find a Pagan shop on every street corner...if anything else go there for supplies. If you have any questions regarding Salem or our vacation and where to me.

The Coven of the Silver Chalice

Enchanted Doorway

Carol's Astrology

The Broom Closet

The Following Businesses and Crafters have contributed a lovely prize for either the door prize table or silent auction table at this years Summer Solstice Celebration Picnic

Pagan Pretties

Circle Creations

Mystickal Tymes & Beneath the Veil

Moon Willow Cards & Gifts

Maledicta's Moonchild

The Awareness Shop

Celtic Attic

Goddess Myths-Images of the Goddess

Via's House of Mystical Cards

Coven of the Mystic Grove handmade items

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