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Are you having trouble concentrating?

Do you feel chaotic inside?

Are you forgetting things?

If so, most likely- your mind, body, and spirit are out of balance. In order to re-focus your energies you will need to ground yourself.

How to do it:

Grounding is fairly simple. You'll need about 30-60 minutes of your time.

Try This: Sit on the floor and relax completely. Forget all of your problems, worries, and other things on your mind while you are grounding. You'll be able to handle your problems much better once your not so overwhelmed. Flow out all of your negative energies through your feet and hands by placing them flat on the floor. Your hands and feet may tingle some or you may feel a warm sensation, continue until you feel completely grounded and relaxed. Don't rush it!

When ever you are encountering a lot of energy you should always ground afterwards. If you don't you will be facing a lot of emotional problems including mood swings and unnecessary anger.

Other techniques include:

-touching a tree with both palms

-getting down on your hands and knees outside in the grass

-taking a cleansing bath with bath salts or swimming in the ocean.