Lesson 3 & 4

Lesson 3


Everyone has an intuition. It is that voice inside of you that tells you when you should or should not do something. It is that nudge in your thought that comes about when you wouldn't even have thought otherwise to double-check or re-think something your about to do. Ultimately, it may have already saved your life several times. However, you should be more in touch with it then you probably are now. You need to listen to your inner-being and be receptive of the instinct. It will probably take awhile to learn to trust it and to decipher when it is just paranoia from your logical mind. Try to exercise your intuition in everyday situations. Try

This: To start take 2 ordinary cards from a deck. Use complete opposites. For example, a face card of spades and a two of hearts. Lay them flat on the table and let your intuition guide you. You may feel a pulling sensation from your stomache or belly button and you may not. Everyone experiences there intuition differently. Practice with the 2 cards and then progress to 3 and so on.


You will need to have a necklace or a crystal tied on to a string. Heavy enough to not be effected by air current, but not too heavy. Using your projective hand(usually the one you write with), wrap the end of the string around your pointer finger. Steady your hand so that you are not making it swing. Ask your spirit or inner-child to "Show me a yes". Note which direction it swings(usually back and forth). Then ask to "Show me a no", (usually side to side). Then ask to "Show me an I don't know",(usually swings in a circular motion.) Most people can do this. However, some people who are not open to learn, usually can not. Feel free to ask your spirit as many questions as you like and learn more about them. This is the source of your intuition and is essential that you understand your inner being. When you indulge in things you love to do, that makes your inner child happy. When you do something bad or someone hurts you, that is also affecting your inner child.

Other   Uses   for   Pendulums

Pendulums are also used to detect an illness in a person. Have the person lay down flat on their back and slowly move the dangling pendulum over their body until it starts to swing significantly. That is the inflicted area. From there you can choose on various healing methods. An example would be Laying-on-of-hands. You place both your hands over the inflicted area and visualize a healing aura(usually green, blue, or purple- depending on the infliction). Take your time to be sure it will completely rid of the pain. When you are finished you should immediately ground yourself or you may feel the effects of that persons pain.

Also you can use a pendulum for psychometry. Place the pendulum over the object and ask questions with yes or no answers to determine age, origin, owners, and anything else you can find out about the objects past. Everything leaves an impression so this should be interesting to find out more about your possessions.

Tarot Cards

Divination by the reading of tarot cards has long been an accurate source for guidance of both the future and the past. When you are first starting out you will need to choose a deck. You should choose the deck that mostly calls to you and your spiritual path. Once you have obtained a tarot deck you should begin practice. Start by shuffling the cards thoroughly and allow your energy to surround all the cards. While shuffling you should be focused on either a question, situation, or a person (that the reading is for). The next decision will involve the cards spread. This is when cards are laid out in a particular position to represent different aspects of the reading. There are books that can be obtained with many different spreads for each situation. However, you can make up your own just as long as each position has a meaning behind it. Past, Present, and Future are some of the most common positions in a spread.


The interpretation is the key element to tarot readings. Most cards come with a booklet of suggested meanings for each card with some giving reversed meanings as well. When attempting to decipher the card, you should take in account the card before and after it as well as the position of the card. Also compare how it relates to the question or situation.

The suits are usually represented by pentacles, cups, swords, and wands but this can vary from each deck. The court cards (king, queen, knight, and page) usually relate to a person.

Wands :

King= man with blond hair/blue eyes

Queen= woman with blond hair/blue eyes

Knight= young man with blond hair/blue eyes

Page= boy or girl with blond hair/blue eyes


King= man w/ light brown hair/hazel eyes

Queen= woman w/ light brown hair/hazel eyes

Knight= young man w/ lt. brown hair/hazel eyes

Page= boy or girl w/ lt. brown hair/hazel eyes

Swords :

King= man w/ brown hair/brown eyes

Queen= woman w/ brown hair/brown eyes

Knight= young man w/ brown hair/brown eyes

Page= boy or girl w/ brown hair/brown eyes

Pentacles :

King= man w/ black hair/dark eyes

Queen= woman w/ black hair/dark eyes

Knight= young man w/ black hair/dark eyes

Page= boy or girl w/ black hair/dark eyes

The major arcana numbered 0-21 usually signify an occurrence the seeker has no control over. The minor arcana (suits) means the situation can easily be influenced by different decisions made by the seeker. The most important thing to remember is that the future can, does, and will change. The cards only predict what may happen from the current time and likely decisions made by the seeker. You will improve in accuracy as you continue to practice. Your intuition also plays a role in how you read the cards. Let your instincts guide you as well.


1) Have you experienced a situation where you were going to proceed with something and you had this feeling you shouldn't? If so, did you later find that it would have been a bad decision?

2) Do you feel you are in tune with your intuition? What percentage __% yes

3) What kind of results did you ave with using the cards to practice with? How many cards did you use?

4) Did you pick up on the pendulum the first try, after a little practice, after meditation, or not at all?

5) Were you able to get accurate responses from the pendulum?

Lesson 4


Although the altar setup is different for everyone these are some guidelines to help get you started. Any small table or even the top of a bureau can be used for the surface of your altar. You should first cleanse the area to be used. Take a sage wand or a stick of incense and light it. With the sage or incense in your right hand, draw a banishing pentagram. Banishing Pentagram: start at the southwest corner, move up to north, down to the southeast, across to west, straight over to east, and then down to the southwest.

Say something confirming the banishing of all negative energies. For example, "I cleanse and protect this area from all negative energies and as my will so shall it be." One thing you may want to have is an altar cloth to protect the surface of what you are using from spills, candle wax, and ash.

Here are some common tools/items found on an altar: Athame- double-edged ritual knife that is not used for cutting, but rather used to draw the circle and pentagrams in the air. A sword is sometimes used as well.

Bolline- usually a white handled knife used to cut herbs and carve symbols in the candles.

Bell- generally used to open and close a ritual (to call or dismiss the spirits)

Besom- a straw broom used by some witches as a form of cleansing and also may be used in magickal workings

Book of Shadows- a journal which is kept to record spells, invocations, chants, recipes, events of a ritual, and any other magickal workings. Also called a grimoire.

Candles- used to represent the elements (red=fire, green=earth, blue=water, yellow=air) and used to represent the Goddess and God (white and black, or silver and gold) Also used in spell working and meditation

Cauldron- black, cast iron pot used to symbolize the womb of the Goddess and for burning incense/herbs or making any various brews.

Censer- an incense burner (mostly cone incense), that is usually brass. Used to represent the element of Air.

Chalice- a sacred glass or metal cup used for wine(mead) or water. Sometimes 2 are used in a ritual. The chalice represents the element of water.

Pentagram- five pointed star with a circle around it symbolizing the four elements and spirit. Used for protection.

Salt- is used to protect the circle and represent the element of earth.

Stones- various stones are placed on the altar also as a symbol of earth.

Wand- made out of wood or metal. It is used to draw symbols on the ground, direct energy, and is used to represent the element of fire or in some traditions air.

Of course, you can place anything on your altar that represents your magick and/or religion. Also I would further recommend a small God or Goddess statue or other picture that would hold meaning.

Cleansing/Consecration Ritual

To consecrate an item is to make it sacred to the magick circle and clean of all other vibrations. Doing this makes the item or tool ready for your magickal energy without interruption of other energies and purposes.

**This is just a suggested form of cleansing and consecrating an item/tool. You should design your ritual to accommodate your magickal needs.

Starting on the New Moon, cast your circle of protection and call the guardians as you normally would. It is different to each person and/or tradition (for ex. "I invite thee guardians of Water to witness thy rites"). Use what you feel comfortable with.

Take your item or tool before you and begin with a pinch of salt to represent Earth. Say: "I cleanse you by the power of Earth so you may be pure of all energies." Now with a dish of water, lightly sprinkle the item. Say: "I cleanse you by the power of Water so you may be pure of all energies." Now with your candle that represents Fire, pass the item over or through the flame depending on what materials it is made out of. Say: "I cleanse you by the power of Fire so you may be pure of all energies." Next you should have either Sage or another cleansing herb or incense. Get a good amount of smoke going and pass the item through the smoke. Hold the item up once more and say: "I cleanse you by the power of Air so you may be pure of all energies."

You should continue with any other items at this time that may need cleansing. Be sure to thank all spirits and close your circle. With the item(s) that you have just cleansed, place them either in a window or place that the darkness of the moon can see them.

The consecration ritual should be held on the next Full Moon to complete the ritual. Cast your circle as normal. Start with your representation of Air (sage or incense). Pass the item through the smoke and hold it up. Say "I consecrate you (or if you are giving the item a name do so now) by the power of Air so that you may be used (state the purpose or intent of the object) to serve my magickal needs." Now you should pass the item through or over the candle to represent Fire. Say "I consecrate you ___, by the power of Fire so that you may be used _________ to serve my magickal needs."

Next you will sprinkle water over the object and say: "I consecrate you by the power of Water so that you may be used to serve my magickal needs."

Finally, sprinkle a pinch of salt over the item and say: "I consecrate you by the power of Earth so that you may be used as a sacred tool to serve my magickal needs." Note the variations and please use the best wording for your situation. Continue with any other items/tools that you may have. Close the circle and place the items in the window or outside to catch the light of the Full Moon. If the full moon is not visual that night you can place the items out there on the following night to complete the consecration.


Thoughtforms can be used in various ways. If you need to contact someone you know to remind them to pick up a loaf of bread you can use a thoughtform. If you would like to contact an old friend from high school you can use a thoughtform. If you'd like to persuade someone to hire you instead of the other guy applying for the job you can also use a thoughtform. There are countless times in everyday life that this type of subconscious thought communication can be very useful.

Try This: Get an idea of what you want to send EXACTLY to the person. Now visualize holding a ball of energy before your eyes. Physically do the motions as if you are holding a baseball from underneath. Fill that ball of energy with the message that you want to send. Visualize the ball getting bigger as you fill it. When you feel it is completed, physically state who the message is to be sent to. (for ex. Send this message to Jane Doe, now). Now lift your hands, as to release the ball into the air and towards that person.

It is important to forget about the thoughtform so that you do not continue to feed it and it may go to its intended destination. Please note: that all thoughtforms are different in the time it takes for the person to receive it. If the person is very closed-minded and/or stubborn it may have difficulties reaching that person.


1) Choose any item you already have in your possession that could be used in magick (spell or ritual). For example: a cup, incense, knife, etc. Now write a cleansing and consecration ritual for that item. Explain what you used and why.

2) Do you think thoughtforms are a violation of the Threefold Law (Law of Three)? Why or why not?

Yes, there's only 2 questions on this test, but they are more difficult and require a bit more thought.

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