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The Coven of the Mystic Grove is a coven in Cape May County, New Jersey. -formed in 1999, Dedicated on Beltane 2000-

-There is a synergy within a Grove. The trees are connected by a system of roots. Each tree draws strength from the others. The grove is more than the sum of its individual parts.-

About the Coven:

We are a non-heirarchial eclectic tradition, meaning everyone is of equal parts in our ritual in which we do not encompass a High priest or High priestess. However, we do have clergy as most covens do. Our coven is an eclectic mix with practices of Wicca, Druidry, Celtic, Norse, Native American Shamanism, and more which stems from our members. Our rites include attuning our energies with all within our circle before calling forth the elements and God and Goddess. We call both the Goddess and the God but do not call specific aspects of either unless the situation requires it. Each member has their own personal deities and paths, in celebration of diversity and individuality. Although we are all different in our aspects of the Craft we share common goals, interests, and beliefs on our spiritual path. We respect all of nature and its creatures, but we are willing to defend ourselves when need be.

We meet for every Sabbat and Esbat unless circumstances beyond our control cause otherwise. (i.e. scheduling, illness, bad weather, etc.)

We meet in several locations, both indoor and outdoor in the area of Cape May County.

One important note to mention: We do not do rituals skyclad, never have, never will!

No one under the age of 18 is permitted to be a member.

What we offer:

-Student assistance for those not seeking to join the coven but need a little help in learning the basics of Paganism and the Craft.

-Student training for those looking to learn our beliefs, practices, and with the intent of joining the coven.

-Branch-membership for those who can't attend every ritual but feel the need to be apart of a coven.

-Full-time membership for those that can completely be apart of Coven of the Mystic Grove.

***We do NOT offer training online.

The Coven Homestead has moved to Wildwood, NJ...this positive change is allowing for expansion of the coven. We currently have openings for new members and students. We do not require you be extremely experienced to work in a coven, but we do ask that you are sincere in joining. You may email with your mailing address for an application packet

Cape May County, New Jersey
United States

Please consider joining our mailing list for current events...Plus get current events for the entire area of NJ, DE, & PA.

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Thank you and Many Blessings!

More info will be added in the future...check back often!


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