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Meditation can be done by most anyone, although some individuals have difficulty. Difficulties may range from lack of visualization techniques to over active thought and inability to focus. You should search for the meditation that works best for you. For instance, here are some techniques:

-simply sit at a table with a candle lit in front of you. Concentrate on the flame and add a chant that best suits your meditation session. -sit outside. Close your eyes and listen to just the sounds of your surroundings and clear all your thoughts.

-lay down and visualize your body being in one of the elements and being apart of it at the same time. For example, visualize your body being surrounded by water. Feel the gentle wave of the ocean rippling around your body. Picture any place of water that you would be the most comfortable in.

-visualize yourself taking on an animals body. For example, a bird soaring above the clouds with the wind carrying you through the sky.

-let your mind wander and take on its own journeys.

***You can also try guided meditations for spiritual and emotional healing, where a person walks you through a step-by-step journey of visualization to heal any spiritual and emotional pain.


The key to all magick lies in your ability to focus and build the energy. You must concentrate on your visualization to accomplish this. For some, this is an easily done task but for many it requires lots of practice to strengthen the minds eye.

You should try simple colors and shapes before getting into more complex spell work.

Try This: Close your eyes. Visualize a red ball. Then begin changing the color to orange and then to yellow and so on. (green, blue, indigo, violet) Continue practicing this until you can do it with ease...then try it with shapes. (triangle, square, rectangle, heart, etc.) Once your minds eye has been developed or if you can already due this easily you should try the following exercise.

Try This: Take any ordinary picture or photograph. Concentrate on the picture for about a minute or until you have the details memorized. Close your eyes and try to hold the image(s) in your head for as long as you can. Try again and try to have more detail in your image then the first time.

Now the next exercise will involve the movement of an object. You will need to be able to visualize movement in order to perform some spell work were an action needs to take place. For example, if you want to lose should visualize the area that you would like to lose weight in and see it going from present to reducing to how you would like it to be.

Try This: Visualize shaking hands with someone you know well and can easily picture. See your hand moving towards that person and the other person's hand moving towards you. Visualize shaking the person's hand and pulling your hand back at your side.