Possible Hauntings

By: Donna and Michael Worby

Location:Cold Spring Presbyterian burial ground on Route 162 Cold Spring, NJ
EST: 1714

We have made three attempts to collect data from this cemetery. On one occasion we were using an EMF detector which was picking up high readings near one particlar older head stone. We were not able to get many pictures at that time due to an unusual late night church meeting in the same area. On another occasion we used a new cassette recorder (Radioshack brand) with an external microphone in which we were able to pick up what we believe to be 2 EVP's. One appears to be a response from our presence and saying hello to anyone around. The voice says "It's a cemetery." Later on Michael asks if anyone would like to say hi in which the voice replies "hi!"

History and local Legend: One couple, Alphonzo and Martha Lee, had much difficulties in raising a family. Sarah and Elizabeth Lee were born March 1st, 1856 and both died one month later on April 3rd and 4th, 1856. Alexander Lee was the next to be born on Feb.28, 1860 and died less than a week later on March 5th, 1860. Ennett Lee was born March 1st, 1862 and died a little over 8 months later on Nov. 10, 1862. On the parents tombstone it reads, "Prepare to die for die ye must and with your children sleep in dust." Legend has it that Martha would visit the graves of her children nightly and read them stories in her chair which is still their next to her children's graves rusting away.

Another local legend includes the ghost of a white dog that has been seen in the cemetery as well as in the church of the same location.

Drawbacks to this location: Biting flies during the day and horrible mosquitoes at night make this location hard to investigate in the summer months. I would recommend possibly late fall or early winter for this location. Also the caretaker lives on premises in a house on the corner. So all night investigations will need to be later at night or before sundown.

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