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Some of the Spout-off's from the Herald

"The only way witches should be allowed at the Cape May County Park is to have them on display in cages at the zoo. It's not a religion. It's a group of people who were never able to be hippies, so they thought of a dumber idea." -Villas

"To the Spouters from Lower Township and Cape May: Wiccans or the practitioners of witchcraft, are not sorcerors or devil worshipers. Witchcraft is an ancient pagan belief that worships the spirit of nature. Instead of reading your Bible maybe you should read "The Golden Bough" by Sir James George Frazer. This anthropology textbook on the study of magic and religion should be required reading." -Stone Harbor

"One does not have to be Christian to believe in God. Witches or not, how could anyone worship the spirit of nature without believing in God? Who do you think put all this nature here? Is it a coincidence that the vegetation of nature nourishes us human beings and animals, and keeps us alive? Is it an accident that it rains to keep said vegetation alive? Or, that our earth revolves around the sun at the proper pace to keep us all from burning up or freezing to death, or for that matter, floating off into space? Anyone with eyes cannot look at any portion of nature without knowing it is all here on purpose-thank God." -Court House

"I am a student at Lower High School where I learn about a "free" country. A country where we can practice any religion we choose. A country where we have freedom of speech. If that is true, then why are the people that are referred to as "Satan Worshipers" not allowed to practice their religion also? It's been said that people are afraid they may get their children to convert. Why should they not be allowed to do the same? Adults constantly bad mouth the youth of America. Did they forget that they were young and restless once also? Remember, we follow your lead. If you want us to turn out to be something other than criminals when we get older, then you have to stop treating us as though we already are criminals." -North Cape May

"In response to the obviously uneducated Spouter dismayed over "satanism" in the park: Wiccans, witches, whatever term one uses, is not satanism, but is an earth religion that has nothing to do with worshiping satan. Is this 17th century Salem, Mass? Perhaps you have been alive since then and are confused. No, I am not a wiccan practioner, but someone who educates themselves so as to not remain ignorant throughout my life." -Green Creek

Controversy in Cape May County

Here you will find a collection of various spout-off's published in The Herald, a local newspaper in Cape May County. Our Beltane picnic on May 5th, 2002 stirred up trouble in the May 29th issue of the spout-off column. This is the first spout-off which led to a frenzy of spout-offs and letters to the editor both for and against witches.

"It recently came to my attention that there was some kind of witches meeting at the Cape May County Park and Zoo. I for one, am appalled that the park would allow this type of gathering. With all the problems in the world, all we need is a bunch of Satan worshipers trying to recruit our children. Hopefully, the park commission will not permit these types of activities on county property again without considering the negative effects they have on our young people." -Lower Township

As of July 10, 2002 the articles are still coming through The Herald like crazy and each week we run to the nearest store to pick up the latest copy. If you would like to see this weeks spout-offs or submit one of your own you can go to The Herald website.