Encourage a Potential Love

You will need:

pink roses
stone (from your property)
lipstick(red or pink)
small garden shovel

Either pick some pink roses or buy them frome a florist,just as long as they are fresh. Ask the earth to purify them and give her blessing. Once this is done, go to the persons house that you wish to bring into your life. Drop some pedals specifically in their yard or other place of dwelling and make a path to your home. You can spread them out as to not make it look obvious, just be sure to put one at each turn. visualize a connecting line between each pedal.When you get home choose the first suitable stone you see.Traditionally this spell would be done using blood, but it`s reasonable to substitute lipstick or nail polish(red or pink). It needs to be one that you use by yourself. Draw on the stone two interlocking hearts. Now you will need to bury it in your yard. now say this blessing:

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