Paranormal Spirit Investigations

Lynn and Don Mazzo
201 East Marina court, condo B6
North Wildwood, NJ 08260

Dear Lynn and Don,
Thank you for having the PSi team into your home and business to investigate paranormal activity. Our team has formulated an opinion upon our investigation. Please bare in mind it's meant to offer guidance and suggestions in coping with your situation. Our opinion intent is to be helpful to you.

Yes, we did detect some paranormal activity. We have come to the conclusion that the spirit energy that resides in your business is very selective to whom it shows itself to. As is human nature to be selective of people whom you first meet.

Literally half of the team received absolutely nothing from both videography and photography. The other half of the PSi team was able to pick up several smaller orbs and paranormal evidence, however, only on still photos. No evidence was recorded on video despite our efforts. The activity while we were there included footsteps on the hardwood floor of the gift shop to only turn around and see no one there.

Also a shadowy figure ran by one of our PSi members. It proceeded by going through the wall from the kitchen area to the front windows and disappearing from there. Once again we were unable to capture this with photography.

We would like to consider your case open and make a follow up investigation in the near future to detect any changes that might have occurred. If you would like copies of the pictures please let us know. Please do not hesitate to call us for any questions you may have on your case. We ask that if any activity does occur to please write them down as they happen with dates, times, and whom was present. This information will help us on our follow up.

In closing, each of us were pleased to meet you both and have the opportunity to assess your paranormal activity. Always feel free to call upon us and please tell your friends that at PSi: "We do more than sense a presence!"


Donna Worby "Investigator"

PSi Team Members Attending:

Lisa Walsh "PSi Founder"
Joe Torres "Web Master/Investigator"
Donna Worby "Investigator"
Michael Worby "Investigator"

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