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Finding    Your    Intuition

Everyone has an intuition. It is that voice inside of you that tells you when you should or should not do something. It is that nudge in your mind that comes about when you wouldn't even have thought otherwise to double-check or re-think something you're about to do.

Ultimately, it may have already saved your life several times. However, you should be more in touch with it then probably are now. You need to listen to your inner-being and be reseptive to the instinct. It will probably take awhile to learn to trust it and to learn when it just paranoia from your logical mind. Try the pendulm exercise located on the bottom of this page. It will help you...and if you still crave more exercises-sign my guestbook and make a note of what you want to see more of.

How   to   Use   Pendulms

You will need to have a necklace or a crystal tied on to a string. Heavy enough to not be effected by air current, but not too heavy. Using your projective hand(usually the one you write with), wrap the end of the string around your pointer finger. Steady your hand so that you are not making it swing. Ask your spirit or inner-child to "Show me a yes". Note which direction it swings(usually back and forth). Then ask to "Show me a no", (usually side to side). Then ask to "Show me an I don't know",(usually swings in a circular motion.)

Most people can do this. However, some people who are not open to learn, usually can not. Feel free to ask your spirit as many questions as you like and learn more about them. This is the source of your intuition and is essential that you understand your inner being. When you indulge in things you love to do, that makes your inner child happy. When you do something bad or someone hurts you, that is also affecting your inner child.

Other   Uses   for   Pendulms

Pendulms are also used to detect an illness in a person. Have the person lay down flat on their back and slowly move the dangling pendulm over their body until it starts to swing significantly. That is the inflicted area. From there you can choose on various healing methods. An example would be Laying-on-of-hands. You place both your hands over the inflicted area and visualize a healing aura(usually green, blue, or purple- depending on the infliction). Take your time to be sure it will completely rid of the pain. When you are finished you should immediately ground yourself or you may feel the effects of that persons pain.

Also you can use a pendulm for psychometry. Place the pendulm over the object and ask questions with yes or no answers to determine age, origin, owners, and anything else you can find out about the objects past. Everything leaves an impression so this should be interesting to find out more about your possessions.