Profile Questions

1. Do you believe in the magick of the Craft?
A-yes, fully
B-yes, but I haven't seen it work
E-not really
F-not at all

2. What area(s) of the craft do you wish to focus this training course on?
A-spell craft, spell working
B-potions and formulary
D-energy working, non-tools

3. Have you attempted any prior spellworking? If so, please explain...(what for, what was done, what was the results)




Use back of paper if necessary.

4. Everyones beliefs are different, as a teacher I am not biased and will train you to the best of my ability for what you wish to learn as my teacher did for me...however you are responsiible for your karma! Answer truthfully...
I wish to learn:
A-as non-manipulative working as possible.
B-everything I can and will decide when to use it appropriately.
EX: Love spell to draw love into my life vs. a love spell for a specific person.

Previous Knowledge and What You Want From This Course

I don't want to teach you something you already know or something you have no interest in...that would be a waste of your time and mine. Indicate next to each item 1 thru 5 your interest in that subject 1 =being extremely interested and 5 =being not at all interested, write a 6 =if are already familiar with the subject.

__writing a spell
__casting a spell
__stone power
__troubleshooting spellworkings
__candle magick
__intention burnings
__psychic attack
__creating entities
__preparation for ritual/spellworking
__wheel of the year(sabbats and esbats)
__rites of passage
__tools of the craft
__cleanse, consecrate, charge
__altar setup
__sacred space, casting, and uncasting
__symbols, talismans, and signs
__amulets and sachets
__book of shadows
__drawing down the moon
__self dedication
_List any other areas that you would like information are not limited to just these areas. All information will be given to you in an appropriate order for example you will not receive ritual information if you don't know the tools of the craft.

You will receive exercises, quizes, and tests. These are a requirement of the course and you will not receive your next lesson until they have been completed. If anything is not completely understood you will receive further instructions on that class. You have a year and a day to complete this course. You may take your time, but please take it seriously. You may also whiz through's up to you. Please feel free to give me any other information about yourself.

As rewards of completing tests you will be given an opportunity to pick from a list of spells that I have that have worked for me and the coven. You may not sell or give these spells to anyone.

If at anytime during your lessons you have a question, you may email me

Upon completion of the course if you need recommendation to join a coven feel free to contact me.

Please indicate on the list below the following:
A=completely familiar with it
B=somewhat familiar with it
C=Not familiar with it

also where applicable write a second letter to indicate what supplies you currently have. I don't want you to have to claim bankruptcy because of training supplies. I will work with you to the best of my ability.

X=have it
Y=can easily get it
can't get it

___book of shadows
charcoal for incense
___stones(list on seperate sheet what kind
___empty bottles w/lids
___empty jars w/lids
___parchment paper
___feather quill pen
___dragon's blood ink
___taper candles(list on seperate sheet what colors)
___3x3 candles(list colors)
___votives(list colors)
___mini-tapers(list colors)
___pillars(list colors)
___adam and eve root
___gum arabic
___lemon balm
___bay leaves
___wood betony
___black cohosh
___devil's shoestring
___dittany of crete
___dragon's blood
___golden seal
___grains of paradise
___high john the conqueror
___job's tears
___lady's slipper
___lemon verbana
___lucky hand
___rose petals
___st.john's wort
___tonka beans
___red pepper
___mortar & pestle

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