Scene 4: Goddess/God Origins

Donna: Rmember witches have been around for centuries. They were your first doctors and healers of the villages. They would use herbal medicines and tinctures to heal any ailment, mental or physical. Everyone went to them with their problems and to divine the future with questions like, "who will I marry, will I have a boy or a girl?"

The first religions developed from the concept of females bring life thus the earliest statues depicted a goddess with a curvy, round, mother-like figure. These Goddesses were symbolic for fertility, not just in reference to a person but fertility of the crops and of the animals which without them they could not have survived.

All cultures can trace their roots to some form of Paganism. They would enact rituals to the Lord of the Hunt for a good bounty of food and skins to keep warm.

Scene 4b: Becoming a Witch

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