Agents arrived at Michael's Restaurant & Bar at 6:55 PM on a clear comfortable Friday evening.

Upon entering, agents found it was extremely crowded and had to wait for a seat at the bar to open up. While waiting, agents had a seat at a nearby table overlooking the bar. The bar was loud and the patrons were all having a great time enjoying the food, drinks, and band playing. A male and female bartender could be seen, with one at each end of the bar with the awning. Agents were waited on by Marie who asked, "Do you want something to drink?" Marie seemed stressed and no smile was ever given(B2 & 5, C4). Agents placed their drink order and were given two tickets for the buffet each.

Agents were given their drinks ten minutes later and Marie did not return for another twenty-five minutes(J17). The area was very busy with patrons constantly placing orders and there was no time to clean tables(D3). No patrons were observed as being stressed of the wait.

At 7:45PM, agents got a seat at the bar with awning and were assisted by Jay the bartender. Jay did not exchange a smile or question, but simply nodded to receive drink order(B2 & C4). Order was placed and promptly given. Drinks were filled to the brim and accented with a cherry(F9).

Agents observed while Jay was serving some patrons, another bartender approached that was originally on the other end of the bar. This bartender was female in her early to mid 20s with brown hair and glasses. She began serving a few patrons on Jay's end of the bar and Jay left the bar area at 8:05PM and returned in about fifteen minutes.

While the female bartender was covering Jay's area agents observed the bartender grab a bottled beer and give it to a patron who had three disposable plastic cups in front of him that were all upside down. Patron put a cup on the ledge of the bar as payment and female bartender replied, "I ain't worried about that," and placed the cup back over to the patrons pile of three cups.

Female bartender was seen wiping out a wine glass with her hand because she saw something inside the glass and then served it to the customer(D6 & F15).

Some patrons were complaining among themselves about the wait of the bartenders and Jay was watching the basketball game non-stop while serving people(E7). No ID's were ever checked for a few patrons that may have been underage(F21).

Jay returned and both bartenders continued to work that end of the bar for the next five minutes. While Jay had rang up a transaction and had the register drawer open the female bartender approached with money from a transaction(H3 & 6). She did not ring up a transaction in the register but instead placed the money in the register drawer while Jay had it open to get change for another patron. The female bartender returned to her end of the bar.

Agents then observed Jay giving a patron a beer and water and no money was ever given for this product.

Jay then made four shots using plastic disposable cups and while pouring these shots realized the last one was not as full as the other three, so Jay made a little more and filled each shot even fuller including the one that didn't have as much. Jay then gave the shots to the patrons and did not take any money for this transaction nor was any offered by the patron. It appeared that Jay knew the patrons. This occured at about 8:35PM.

Agents then observed the other bar that runs parallel to the bar with the awning. There were two bartenders and an unknown person who occasionally would come over to the bartenders. One bartender was a female in her late 20s to early 30s with long brown hair. She was very friendly to all the patrons and kept a smile at all times. The other end of the bar was a heavy set man with glasses who had an upbeat attitude towards his patrons as well. At around 9:00PM these two bartenders and the other man who worked there with a medium build and short brown hair had three shots in plastic disposable cups and all three employees toasted and drank a shot while behind the bar(on duty).

Agents were unsure about whether the mixed drink prices and change were accurate due to different amounts charged by each employee that had waited on them, however bottled beer was consistently priced. Agent ordered an amaretto sour and was charged by Jay three dollars and fifty cents. When ordered at the adjacent bar the cost was three dollars and seventy-five cents.

Also all bartenders were observed putting money under the counter and not in the register. Some was seen putting money under a black bucket under the counter about two to three feet from the register.

Overall, the bathrooms were clean and well stocked. Everything seemed in working order. Agents observed many giveaways that appeared to be friends or regulars at the bar.

Agents departed Michael's Restaurant & Bar at 9:35PM. Based on this visit, agents would probably visit again. As a patron, it's a good time with good music and a wonderful atmosphere.

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