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Car Protection Sachet

Need: any cloth bag, sea salt, tiger's eye, bay leaves, eucalyptus, honeysuckle oil(for alertness)

Place contents in bag and add two drops of honeysuckle oil on top. Place under the seat or in your purse for long distance travel.

Pomander for Yule

Need: oranges, whole cloves, small nail or push pin

To make a pomander, punch holes in the orange skin with the nail, and then insert the cloves int the holes. The blending of the spice and citrus scents is heavenly. You can cover the orange completely or create designs. Within a few weeks, the orange will completely dehydrate. Turn it every few days so it will dry evenly. You can save it for a few years after it has dried, by placing it in a sealed sandwich bag. The orange is a symbol of the returning Sun and is used in many Yule decor.



Herbal Paper

Need: several sheets of typing paper, screen in wooden frame, food chopper or processor, rolling pin, iron, herbs/tea, bowl, hot water, fork, towel

Tear the typing paper into pieces no bigger than a coin. Place into the bowl and add very hot water. Allow to soak for several hours. Stir with the fork and drain the water out carefully. Place in a food chopper or processor to make pulp. Mix in the herbs you would like or you may add a little strong tea to the mixture for color(tan). Spread out over the screen and with the rolling pin squeeze out the rest of the water. When most of the water is out, turn it upside down on to the towel to dry. Iron out smooth and gently. If you need to make repairs just wet the paper again and it will easily be fixed.

Essential Oil

Need: virgin olive oil, herb or flowers, cheesecloth, jar w/ lid

Place the herbs or flowers in the jar that you wish to scent the oil with. These herbs/flowers must be very fresh or it will not work. Pour the oil into the jar, just enough to saturate the herbs/flowers. Do not add too much oil. Tightly replace the lid and turn upside down once a day for approx. 3-4 days. Strain the oil from the herbs with the cheesecloth. Place the oil back into the jar and fill with some fresh herbs/flowers. Repeat as before for about 4 days. Then strain. Now you should have a strongly smelling oil, if you don't you need to add more fresh herbs and repeat the process.

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