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Candle Magick

The first step to candle magick is to determine what color candle you will need. You can use whatever you feel is best but for some of my prefences here's a brief chart:

Silver -Goddess energy(moon)

Gold -God energy(sun)

Black -creating new beginnings, banishing, repelling, communication with spirits

White -universal energy, purifying, protection, truth, peace

Red -FIRE-will, passion, change, life force

Pink -love, reconciliation, friendship, harmony

Orange -legal matters, luck, success

Brown -nature, home, wisdom

Yellow -AIR-stimulates mental powers, learning, creativity

Green -EARTH-calming, grounding, healing, prosperity, money, fertility, balance

Blue -WATER-healing, emotions, spirit, cleansing, calming, meditation

Purple -spiritual strength, power, link to higher planes

Herb Magick

Herbs or flowers may be used to further bring power to your spell. Simply pick out an herb or combination of herbs that magickally correspond to your spell. Place them in a circle around the candle or if you make your own you can add a few pinches to the wax. Here is a brief guide to get you started:

Love -allspice, apple, catnip, lemon verbena

Healing -ginger, willow, thistle, rosemary

Money -cinnamon,

Protection-bay leaves, chamomile, chives, coriander

Purifying -basil, cayenne, pine

Luck -caraway, oak, saffron

Marriage -marjoram

Divination-mugwort, sandalwood, juniper, wormwood

When you purchase a candle you have no idea what energies had previously been attained. It would be best to cleanse and purify the candle before empowering it with your energies. I suggest these simple forms of cleansing:

-take a lit tealight and hold the candle to be used above it(not too close) along the outside of the flames glow

-rub the candle with a soft cloth with a little rubbing alcohol

Directing the candles purpose is very important. Some prefer to do this by inscribing symbols, pictures, letters, runes, etc. The most popular is the Witches' Alphabet because the time consuming effort adds greatly to the charging of the candle itself. When inscribing always start from the wick down to the base(never side-to-side). You want to go with the flow of the candle not against it.

Next you will need to dress the candle by annointing it with oil(usually essential oil). Some people find it more effective to dress it with homemade essential oil. To annoint the candle start from the middle and rub the oil on to the ends until covered. Visualize the need and you're candle will be fully prepared for the spell. For best results, do the spell at night with all the lights off. Only the light of the candle and the light of the moon should be present.