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Yule / Winter Solstice

I mark now at this sacred time,

the rebirth of the Sun God.

It is the Great Mother who gives him birth.

It is the lord of life born again.

From the Union of the Lord and Lady,

hidden in the Realm of Shadows,

comes forth now the Child of Promise!

-Raven Grimassi-Hereditary Witchcraft

OILS- pine, anise

ALTAR DECORATIONS- evergreens, holly, mistletoe

CANDLES- red, green, silver, gold

MOON PHASE- Full Moon!!!!

INCENSE- cedar, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh

Yule Craft Idea!

Jack Frost was in the garden,

I saw him there at dawn

He was dancing round the bushes

And prancing on the lawn

He had a cloak of silver,

A hat all shimmering white,

A wand of glittering stardust,

And shoes of sunbeam light.

-J. Smeeton