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Use Your ~ Imagination


Make this one go real fast!

Make words blink

Marquees Are Cool!

Make this one slide left or right and stop!

If you don't see the address to this page on the validator bar below, hit your "goto" button, hit "show last", copy and paste the address onto the bar below, then hit your "return" button and all the codes on this page will display for you to copy and paste. Courtesy of ThunderStone's View Source. Take one, or take them all!!

Change the scrollamount and scrolldelay numbers to suit your needs.

You will notice when you validate this page that each Marquee is seperated by one of these <<>!---Marquee type---<>>. To copy and paste just one marquee, hit your "find" button, type in the name of the one you want (example: Bouncing Name Marquee), you would then type the word Bouncing, and it will highlight that word. Then while holding down the "shift" key, use your arrow buttons to highlight the rest of the code, hit "CMD" and letter "C" to copy it.

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